White Elephants

Elephants have been deemed to be lucky on a global scale, but especially in the Hinduism religion. Elephant statues, patterned materials, charms and jewellery all make an appearance in an abundance across the world- and they are often hunted for their ivory tusks for money and also because they are deemed to be lucky.

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Elephants generally are deemed to be lucky in the Hinduism faith, as the god of Luck, Ganesh, has an elephants head. White elephants especially are deemed to be lucky, however, as it is very rare that you’ll ever see a white elephant, and so this makes them incredibly sacred animals. In Hinduism, a white elephant is believed to be the pet of Indra, one of the Hindu god’s. The white elephant is believed to be the king of all elephants, and has the ability to fly. In Hinduism, they are also a symbol of longevity, due to the fact that they have very impressive lifespans, as well as purity due to the connotations surrounding their colour- white.

In Thailand, white elephants belong to the king, and the king only. Because of this, all white elephants are considered to be a symbol of royal power. Due to the fact that they are considered to be so sacred and a symbol of royalty, white elephants are not allowed to work. They must stay at home and be looked after at great lengths which can be very costly. Sometimes, a king will give a white elephant to somebody as a punishment, due to the fact they are so costly to look after and need around the clock care. Owning a white elephant when you yourself are not wealthy will financially ruin you. Once this had happened, the king would retrieve his white elephant once more.

In Burma, white elephants are seen as symbols of good fortune in life, and of power.

In gambling, there is no white elephants at all, however you may sometimes stumble across a gambling joint named “The White Elephant” or similar, as a ‘lucky name’ to entice in the tourists, such as the “The White Elephant of Las Vegas”, a fancy resort on Lake Las Vegas. You can often purchase jewellery with white elephant pendants on, as well as little porcelain white elephant statues and charms, so if you’re looking to take a white elephant into a casino to increase your luck at gambling, that’s how you can go about doing so!