In the times of Ancient Egypy, lucky amulets, good luck charms, lucky talismen and anything else that could bring good luck was in in a big way. This was because the Egyptians were highly superstitious and believed that there were evil spirits everywhere, whilst you were alive and whilst you were dead. One of these lucky charms favoured by the Ancient Egyptians was the scarab beetle. Alive or dead, these insects were used as good luck charms for Egyptians. Some of the games on Thrills are influenced by this, and use scarab beetles within them.

If you saw a scarab beetle on the street, you were believed to have a lucky day. When people died, a scarab beetle would be killed and mummified, just like a human, and buried with the dead person in order to protect them from any evil and unkindly spirits on their way to the afterlife, or in the afterlife itself. In real life, whilst the Ancient Egyptians could not wear real scarab beetles, they would wear amulets in the shape, style and design of a scarab beetle as jewellery and other accessories to keep good luck with them at all times.

But why were scarabs considered to be lucky? Well, the Egyptians believed that scarabs had some connection to life giving powers, and the sun God, Ra. This is because scarabs used to lay an egg, roll it in dung and then leave it in the sun to heat up before it hatched. Because the scarabs used the sun so cleverly to create new life, the Egyptians believed they must be linked to the all powerful sun God- and that they would protect your body the way they protected their eggs.

They were also considered lucky because it was believed that scarabs could protect your heart. Again, this was due to how scarab beetles protected their eggs. Because they were so good at protecting this life that they were creating and keeping it- and therefore it’s heart- safe, the Egyptians believed that this was true for humans too.

Casino technology

Scarabs are rarely found in casino’s or gambling environments, but occasionally you will come across a game, such as “Slot Machine Queen of Scarabs” that involve scarab beetles. The way to incorporate scarabs into your gambling regime is definitely through a small charm in the shape of the beetle or in jewellery, Ancient Egyptian style.