Rainbows have been considered a magical and lucky sign throughout a huge portion of history. They are part of myths in many cultures worldwide, with a myriad of enchanting stories linking back to one of earth’s most divine phenomenon’s.

One mythical idea associated with rainbows is that they are bridges- although the type of bridge’s varies entirely depending on the country, culture or religion.

Rainbow’s are depicted as bridges that connect Earth to Asgard, the home of the God’s, in Norse religion. The specific rainbow bridge referred to in Norse religion is named ‘Bifrost’, and is a bridge that can only be used by the God’s- so they may come to Earth, but mortals may not enter Asgard. However, in Japan, it is more simple- rainbow’s are bridges that people’s loved one’s who had passed away used to come back to Earth and integrate with their relatives and friends. In New Zealand, the Maori people believe that the moon had a mortal husband! However, as he grew older, the moon realised that he was going to die. She did not want death to happen on the moon, and so she cast a rainbow bridge, from the moon to the Earth, so that her husband may travel to the planet and die there peacefully.

Rainbows have also come to represent promises. In Christian religion, God caused a great flood. Once Noah had saved all of the animals from the flood, as told to by God, the flood stopped and God cast a rainbow across the sky. This rainbow has been seen as God’s promise that he would never again try to destroy the Earth.

They have also been associated with messengers in Greek mythology. The rainbow was seen as a means of transportation around the world for the Greek goddess, Iris. Iris herself has been described in ancient Greek mythology as the personification of a rainbow and as a messenger between mortals and God’s because of this.

7 Things You Wont Believe About Lucky Symbols

Reading all the things that rainbows are believed to represent seem to give them a complex meaning- but really, it’s more simple than that. Though it differs slightly from culture to culture, rainbows are lucky because they are a sign from God. They mean happiness, hope and good fortune from the Earth’s creator himself. It’s a simple form of gambling psychology, to believe that this symbol means good fortune. And whilst you won’t find a rainbow in a casino bar the occasional “Rainbow Riches” slot machine, you’ll always feel an undeniable sense of magic when you cross a rainbows path- that is a true feeling of luck and good fortune cast upon you by God- or so it is believed.