Rabbits Foot

Possessing a rabbits foot is seen as a good luck charm in so many places all over the world. England, China, Spain, Africa, France, North and South America…it is recognised almost globally as a good luck amulet.

The original story of why a rabbits foot acts as a good luck charm comes from the Celtics, who believed that because rabbits lived so deeply underground, they must have the ability to communicate with the spirits residing in the underworld. However, it wasn’t every rabbits foot that was lucky, oh no. But if a certain rabbit possessed some sort of ‘powers’, or was killed in a special place, or was killed by a person who had special attributes themselves, then the foot of that rabbit would be incredibly lucky indeed.
It is also a well known fact that rabbits can breed in an abundance. Because of this, superstition allowed/s people to believe that if they carried a rabbits foot with them, they would have no trouble conceiving a child- if you were having a problem with your fertility, you’d want to be carrying one of these on you.
In Africa.
In Africa, there is a story about a highly intelligent rabbit called B’rer Rabbit (not too long ago becoming a popular children’s book by Enid Blyton. B’rer Rabbit was witty and funny and intelligent and creative and had no problem at solving problems that arose between friends of his. If an argument was about to arise, B’rer Rabbit could sort the issue without his friends even realising what he was doing! The African’s believe a rabbits foot not only carries luck but it helps them to remember to have courage in times of conflict just as B’rer Rabbit did.
In North America.
The inhabitants of North America believe that yes, a rabbits foot is indeed good luck. However, they have very strict, specific rules about what kind of rabbits foot it must be.
Rule 1) The rabbits foot can’t be any foot- it has to be the back foot on the left hand side. That is the only foot that can act as a good charm, all others are useless.
Rule 2) The rabbits foot can only act as a good charm if the rabbit was killed in a cemetery. If it was killed elsewhere, the foot loses it’s ability to act as a good luck charm.
Rule 3) The rabbit must be killed under a new moon (although some people believe it to be a full moon- this is a story/legend that has been altered slightly as it has been passed down through generations).
Whilst rabbits feet are not regarded so highly as lucky talisman in Westernised society, in African and North American tribes they still can be found acting as lucky amulets. And whilst you won’t see one spinning around on a slot machine with a four leaf clover and a horseshoe, you will always hear about the lucky legend surround the rabbits foot.