Pot of Gold

We’ve all heard of the luck of the Irish, the Irish leprechauns and the legend of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Typically, legend has it that leprechauns hide pots of gold at the end of the rainbow to be found by a mortal. But why are they so lucky?

Part of the reason a pot of gold is seen to be lucky is fairly obvious- if you find a pot of gold, randomly lying on the ground, you clearly are lucky! Gold is a connotation of wealth, and wealth and fortune tie in together, and this is one of the reasons that pots of gold are lucky. Because of their huge links to wealth and fortune, you’ll often see pots of gold as one of the images used in slot machines, portraying what could be won by you!

Pots of gold are also perceived as lucky because they have strong ties with rainbows, which are another lucky item. Because of a rainbows magical make up, it’s connotations to God and hope and prosperity, if you are lucky enough to follow a rainbow all the way to the end and find a pot of gold, you must have God looking over you, guiding you to the end of the rainbow, which is considered very lucky indeed.

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The myth of the pot of gold being hidden at the end of the rainbow came from the story of a very elderly Irish couple who had no money, no jobs and were quickly falling into poverty. One day, a leprechaun came to them and said he would grant them one wish. The couple could not decide; the woman wished for money, the man wished for tools, the woman wished for clothes…back and forth they went. The leprechaun could not believe their selfishness, and said he would no longer grant them a wish. Instead, he would give them a pot of gold, that he would hide at the end of a rainbow. They just had to find it!

Pots of gold not only make their appearances at the end of the rainbows and in slot machines, but also have their name used for the names of many arcade games and slot machines, such as Lucky Pots Online, A Big Lucky Pot of Gold and so on!