Ladybirds are considered extremely good luck within the Christian religion. The reason for this is that ladybugs are often believed to have been sent to Earth by the Virgin Mary herself. As ladybirds eat other, smaller insects such as aphids, which are known to be crop ruining insects, the most common legend believed is that the Virgin Mary sent these little red, spotted bugs down to Earth as a gift for all farmers. The ladybirds would eat the aphids and prevent the crops from being destroyed, ensuring that the farmers would have a bountiful harvest. If you went into the fields and saw ladybirds on your crops, you would know that the Virgin Mary was wishing you a bountiful harvest. Because of this legend, farmers shared this catchy story with children (and sometimes still is) “Never kill a ladybug because doing so will bring bad luck!”

Because the ladybirds provided a good harvest for farmers, they then became associated with prosperity and wealth- as this is exactly what they bought to the farmers who were lucky enough to have ladybirds on their land.

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Ladybirds are also considered good luck purely because they are insects that are generally just “good”. Insects will not harm people, and will comfortably land on people and walk along there legs or arms. They also, as mentioned above, eat smaller bugs that ruin crops and cause bad harvests for farmers. They are bugs with good intentions and so have been linked to good luck and happiness. Due to this, if a ladybird lands on you, it is believed that good things are coming your way. Similarly, it is also believed that if you have a ladybird land on a more material item, such as a mobile phone or an expensive gadget, you will receive a newer, upgraded version soon.

Ladybirds don’t really have a presence in casino’s, or the gambling world generally, at all. You don’t see them on slot machines, playing cards or anything else- however, one of the main colours associated with casino’s is red; the same colour as a ladybird. Red has always been a colour linked to wealth and so there may be some tie in here. All we can say is, if a ladybird lands on your deck of cards whilst mid-game, you may be in for a big win!