The frog may seem like a simple amphibian, but in actual fact it is considered a good luck symbol in a variety of cultures across the globe.

The main good luck that comes with a frog is considered to be in fertility. Due to their ability to produce and have hatch a great number of eggs at one time and the incredible transformation period from tadpole to frog, it is believed that frogs will bring good luck to anybody that is trying to have a child.They have been seen as a good luck charm for fertility across many years and many cultures too. In Ancient Egypt, they believed the frog was a good luck charm in regards to fertility because the frog was not around until the flooding of the Nile. When this happened, frogs came to be. As the flooding of the Nile caused unfertile lands to become fertile once more, this linked to the frogs that were born of the Nile. In the Roman times, the goddess of love (which links to fertility and reproduction) was often portrayed in artwork and stories as being accompanied by a frog, and so they believed that frogs would help to make people fertile. This is very similar to Greek mythology too.

Due to the large number of legs they can lie, they are sometimes seen as a lucky charm for wealth, happiness or general luck but in an abundance!

However, frogs are sometimes believed to be lucky in other areas of life too, depending on the different cultures’ beliefs. In the Native American culture, the frog is a head that often features on totem poles. Because frogs live mainly in water, it is believed that the frog will bring purity to your life and cleanse your soul.

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In China, it is believed that frogs bring you good luck in monetary areas of your life. Liu Hai is the Chinese God of wealth, and it is believed that he had a pet toad. Because of this, the frog is seen as a symbol of wealth too, and many Chinese images will depict images of frogs with gold coins in their mouths.

More modernly, frogs are depicted as “lucky” in a humorous way given to their role in fairy tales- largely, the frog prince. This is often used as a joke for when women can not find a man to settle down with, it is said she needs to find her “frog”. When she has found him, she is lucky, because she has her fairytale ending.

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