Four Leaf Clover

The four leaf clover. We’ve all heard about them, we’ve all seen them in cartoons and in slot machines…but how often do you come by one in real life? Very, very rarely. Is this what makes them so lucky? They’re so hard to come by that when you do find one it means luck is on your side?

Well. Almost…

There are several variations to where the idea that a four leaf clover was good luck came from, and it’s not all about Ireland and leprechauns.

Story One.

In the religion of Christianity, it is believed that once she left the Garden of Eden, Eve herself carried with her a four leaf clover to keep with her on her journey into the outside world. It is the Christian belief that if you manage to hold a four leaf clover in your own hands, you are holding a small piece of Paradise itself.

Story Two.

In the Middle Ages, young children would play in their gardens, and outside generally, quite a lot. If you were lucky enough to find a four leaf clover, this would give you the ability to see fairies. No, it wasn’t a child’s game. The children genuinely believed they could see fairies whilst holding one of these little green plants. It made people eager to find one themselves to they too could experience the magic of the fairy kingdom.

Story Three.

At the beginning of time in Ireland, when the world was new, Druids were the only inhabitants. These druids could sense bad spirits with evil powers headed towards them if they carried on them a three leaf clover. However, if you had a four leaf clover, the extra leaf would not only warn you that these spirits were coming but also offer some protection to the Druids in the form of a magic power.

Story Four.

This story- the one that is most relevant in modern society today- is one from the Celtics. The Celts believed that if you found a four leaf clover, it was good luck, as each leaf possessed the following qualities- Faith, Hope, Luck and Love. Nobody wanted three out of four of these positive attributes in life, so the desperation to find a four leaf clover was always high.

There are many other myths and legends that link back to the four leaf clover and why it’s lucky- but with so many superstitions surrounding it, why wouldn’t you want to find one? Wards off evil spirits? Check. A bit of Paradise? Check. See fairies? Check. Lots of positivity in life? Check. It makes sense as to why these plants are considered lucky when there is so many good vibes surrounding them. This also explains why you’ll find these lucky symbols all over casino games, including in various slots.