There is a whole variety of coins beyond your bog standard 5p’s and £2 coins. Across many countries and cultures there are different kinds of coins that bring luck to an individual who owns one in different ways.

Lucky coins generally are referred to as a “touch piece”. This name covers all coins that are believed to cure illnesses, bring good luck or influence an individual’s life or behaviour in any kind of way. The name “touch piece” explains how these coins bring luck to an individual- they have to be touched for the luck to work, be that constantly carried in your hand, worn on a necklace that constantly touches your chest and so on. Without the permanent physical contact, the coin will not work as a good luck charm.

Across the globe, coins are deemed lucky for many different reasons. One general consensus is that it is lucky to wear a coin around your neck that was produced in the year you were born, and so has this year engraved on it. This is said to be a lucky amulet for life, as long as you wear it everyday!

In Japan, the only lucky coin is the 5 Yen coin. These are often used as the first coins to place inside of a new wallet, to bring wealth to an individual who carries them about their person!

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In Austria, it is believed that if you find a coin during a rain storm, it is incredibly lucky as it has fallen down from Heaven. To find one means that God is watching over you and protecting you/your wealth.

In most European countries, coins used for lucky charms are silver ones, not copper or gold. Each coin is then marked or bent in a unique way so that no two people can possibly have the same charm. Silver coins are also sometimes placed inside of Christmas pudding’s to bring wealth and prosperity for the following year. Another story says, if you ended up with the coin in your piece of pudding, whatever you wished for would come true.

Of course, coins play a big part in casino’s- if you win your gamble, you’ll win a lot of coins. If you play on slot machines, you’ll use chips and coins. It is believed in China that if you play with lucky coins only, you’ll win far more than if you play without them. Do you believe that too? Why not have a try for yourself and see if it makes a difference…