Unusual Symbols


The acorn has been sacred and considered lucky to numerous cultures for many, many years. They also have many strong ties to magic. Way back when, if two witches crossed paths, they would discreetly hand each other acorns, to let each other know in secret whilst in public that they were both witches and were both safe in each others company. Other ties to magic include fairies, with stories claiming that if you collected acorns by the light of a full moon, the acorns collected would make a good fairy talisman. (more…)

Cats Eye

A cat’s eye is not really the eyeball from one of our beloved feline friends. Cat’s Eye is the name for a jewel stone that is considered lucky by some. The jewel itself is two tone in colour, and can be used in gold. According to ancient legends, the cat’s eye stone possess many positive and powerful properties that will assist an individual through their life. (more…)


Pigs are considered to be good luck in many cultures and countries across the world. You’ll have heard the saying’s “as happy as a pig in dirt” and “you lucky pig”. Well, these are all down to the fact that pigs are associated with good luck, happiness and prosperity. (more…)


Amber is a bright orange, semi-precious gem stone, considered to be a good luck gem. Because of it’s belief to bring good luck to whoever carries some amber on them, it is used as a lucky talisman. However, it isn’t considered to be just generally lucky- it’s actually considered to be good luck for a variety of situations in life. (more…)