Common Symbols

Four Leaf Clover

The four leaf clover. We’ve all heard about them, we’ve all seen them in cartoons and in slot machines…but how often do you come by one in real life? Very, very rarely. Is this what makes them so lucky? They’re so hard to come by that when you do find one it means luck is on your side?

Well. Almost… (more…)


The good luck of the horseshoe stems from superstitious beliefs surrounding the devil. Legend has it that one day, the devil approached a blacksmith called Dunstan, asking for horseshoes put on his feet- which, of course, are hooves. Dunstan complied with the request, and nailed a horseshoe onto one of the hooves. The devil appeared to be in great agony and so Dunstan chained the devil up and said that he would only be released if he promised to never, ever enter a domain that had a horseshoe hung over the door. The devil agreed, and people began to hang horseshoes over their doors to keep evil at bay. Later on in his life, Dunstan became a saint. (more…)