Bamboo is considered lucky thanks to the huge role it plays in the Chinese interior methods in Feng Shui. Bamboo as a general plant is considered lucky, and you may want to give a bamboo plant to somebody before a big event or moment in their life in which you wish them well. However, there is another side to the good luck that comes with bamboo. These are the lucky bamboo numbers.

Lucky bamboo numbers refers to the number of bamboo shoots a bamboo plant possesses. Each number of bamboo shoots equates to a different kind of luck provided by the plant. These are as follows:

One shoot- good luck in a meaningful life.

Two shoots- Good luck in your love life, and in your marriage.

Three shoots- Good luck in happiness (wishing someone a generally happy life!)

Four shoots- This number is never given, as the number four is deemed unlucky in Chinese culture.

Five shoots- Good luck in your academic life (with exams and graduation etc.!)

Six shoots- This is another number of shoots that is avoided for bad luck reasons.

Seven shoots- Good luck with your health. (You might give this to someone in hospital)

Eight shoots- Good luck in money.

Nine shoots- Overall good luck and fortune for the rest of your life.

Ten shoots- Good luck in completion of activites (the completion of moving, starting a new job etc.)

Whilst above, the list shows a huge variety of occasions on which you could give somebody a lucky bamboo plant, there are in fact three main occasions when you would give somebody one. These are as wedding and housewarming gifts, as this is the ideal way to wish a happy couple a prosperous and happy life together, as a get well gift and, most popularly, as a business deal gift. Because there are so many lucky connotations surrounding the bamboo plant, there is no better gift for two businessmen to exchange once they have made a successful deal than a lucky bamboo plant!

It’s all well and good to give bamboo as a gift, but it’s not just the plant that counts. Its important within the Chinese culture particularly, that when a bamboo plant is given, its whole being- i.e. the plant and its container- adopt all five of the feng shui elements! This means making sure there’s wood (this is the bamboo!), making sure there is earth, so include rocks or pebbles within the container, making sure there is fire, so tie some red ribbons around the bamboo stalks, making sure there is metal, so choose a sturdy metal container for the plant and finally making sure there is water- by watering the plant!

Bamboo is a gift given for a special reason so you will not find it in a casino or any other gambling joint. However, why not give someone a bamboo plant with eight shoots before they go on a gamble, to wish them luck with their finances? It might just work!