Alligator Teeth

Alligator teeth are one of many animal parts that are used to bring about good luck. This is most common among the Afro-American culture.

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In the Afro-American culture, it is common to create mojo bags full of good luck charms before you go gambling. More often than not, alligator teeth are thrown into a mojo bag, above any other kind of charm. This is because they’re considered extremely lucky when you’re about to enter into a new gambling activity of any kind. The tooth of an alligator is believed to bring a gambler good luck in matters of money and finances, and that they can help to influence the winnings of any game of chance, such as Bingo or slot machines, in a positive way.

The good luck of the alligator’s tooth is born from the African slaves that were brought over Louisiana by the French. There were a lot of alligator’s around and the slaves came to know much about the way they behaved in their natural environment- particularly how they used their strong teeth and jaws to their advantage. Legend says that they were fascinated with how alligator’s killed their prey. Because of this, they collected alligator teeth for themselves and used them as symbols of having the power to hold on to things in life- this gave the slaves hope.

When the time came that slavery was abolished, they all spread around the world to go and do their own things. The superstition they had created around alligator teeth travelled with them. When they weren’t carrying alligator’s teeth in mojo bags for gambling, they were wearing them as a pendant around their necks. Carrying these had helped them get their freedom- a dream they had always held on to, in the same way an alligator holds on to its prey. The superstition surrounding the alligator tooth has remained strong because of this, and spread al across the USA and even to various countries across Europe.

You’ll never see alligator teeth depicted in graphics within a casino, but across America you may see some people, particularly from the Afro-American culture, wearing one as a pendant to bring them that extra luck- the power to hold on to their money and maybe even multiply it.